The Many Different Michael Myers Masks Used In Halloween: H20

The Ever-Changing Michael Myers Halloween: H20 Mask and CGI Masks

Did you know that the Halloween: H20 mask featured in the film wasn’t the only one used? A couple of different versions of the Michael Myers mask were seen throughout.

We will show you where and when those changes took place, and why they decided to change it. Most of original shots for the unused mask can be seen in pictures, trailers, and even in the movie itself.

CGI Mask: Let’s start with the CGI version of the Halloween: H20 mask that was needed for a scene that could not be re-shot for some unknown reason. As you can clearly see, the mask is very strange looking in this scene, and from what we assume, the CGI was just put on to cover up the look of the mask in this shot.

Halloween H20 CGI Mask

The Portal Mask: This is where most of the changes took place for the Michael Myers mask, which must of had many different takes and masks used. You can see from these different shots from the movie, the alien style eye holes were totally out of place, and don’t look right at all.

Halloween H20 Mask 3

The Portal Mask Continued: In this short teaser trailer below, you can check out the scene with the alien eyed designed mask for the first close-up shots. You can really see the effect with that mask in this video. The whole mask seems to have a puffy look to it with larger eye holes, and the hair seems very out of place.

The Portal Mask Continued: Another shot of that mask used in the portal scene, but from behind. You can still see those alien style eye holes, even this scene from the side view was re-shot. This picture was from the movies promo material.

Halloween H20 Mask 6

The Portal Mask Continued: Below is the re-shot scene from a side view with the new mask. You can see the tone and the shape of the mask is much different than the other mask previously used for this shot.

Halloween H20 Mask 7

The Portal Mask Continued: In the picture below, you can see where they completely changed the mask design, and this is the one they were happy to go with for the close-up shots. Now we can see this really is Michael Myers, and not some alien eyed monster.

Halloween H20 Mask 5

The Portal Mask Continued: In this clip below, you can watch the whole scene with the new Halloween: H20 mask in action, and the whole scene has been re-shot for the new designed mask to fit in place. We think this mask is much more detailed and expressionless, just how it should of been from the start.

Other mask scenes: There is a scene at the opening of the movie where Michael Myers kills Nurse Marion Whittington, we are sure that the Halloween 6 mask was used for the part. And in the scene where he kills Sarah, the alien eyed mask was used once again, and then changed to the new mask for re-shots. We are pretty sure there were many more scenes where different masks were used, but these are a few of the more noticeable shots.

Halloween H20 Mask 8Halloween H20 Mask 9Halloween H20 Mask 10