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Dark Universe Halloween Season: 3 Hours Of Haunting Music To Set The Mood



Haunting Music

If you’re already feeling in the Halloween spirit, we have found some real haunting music for you to indulge in, over 3 hours worth of eeriness. The creative people at Dark Music World have put together some really haunting, creepy, chilling stuff for you to listen to. We have only sat through an hours worth of the music so far, but trust us, it does set the Halloween mood perfectly.

About Dark Music World:

“Scary Halloween music by Dark Music World. Have a spooky Halloween! This mix features scary music, creepy music, dark music and instrumental horror music that can be used as Halloween music. All the music is composed by Peder B. Helland and piano, ambient soundscapes, cello, violin and music box have been used, among other instruments.”

If you enjoy their talents, then head on over to Dark Music World’s YouTube channel for even more scares.



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