Charles Band’s ‘Puppet Master: Axis Termination’ Official Trailer Arrives

Charles Band's ‘Puppet Master: Axis Termination’ Official Trailer Arrives

The Charles Band directed Puppet Master: Axis Termination is possibly the final entry in the long running Full Moon horror series, and today we bring you a first look at the films official trailer.

The franchise still has a lot of juice left in the tank, because we still have the upcoming Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich reboot to look forward to later this year.

Everyone’s favorite pint-sized puppet anti-heroes- Blade, Pinhead, Tunneler, Jester, Six Shooter, and Leech Woman – join forces with a secret team of psychics working as Allied Operatives. 

Teaming up with Toulon’s bloodthirsty marionettes, these unlikely allies face off against a new pack of evil Nazis and their even more malevolent Axis Puppets in a showdown that will decide the future of the free world!

We will have details on the release of Charles Band’s Puppet Master: Axis Termination soon.

Puppet Master Axis Termination Art

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