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David DeCoteau’s ‘Creepozoids’ Gets a (UK) Blu-Ray from 88 Films



David DeCoteau's 'Creepozoids' Gets a (UK) Blu-Ray from 88 Films

David DeCoteau’s 1987 cult sci-fi horror Creepozoids is coming to Blu-Ray in the United Kingdom via 88 Films, and we’re pretty sure this will be the very first time that the film has been released on Blu-Ray format. The special bonus feature details have yet to be announced, but as soon as they become available, you can bet we’ll post an update. You can pre-order yourself a copy of the film right here!

Creepozoids will be available from July 10, 2017. Head on down to see the awesome cover artwork.

Your flesh will crawl right off your bones! World War III has turned the world into a smoking cinder. The year is 1998, six years after the nuclear apocalypse, and the fallout continues to plague survivors with periodic bouts of highly toxic acid rain. A group of army deserters take refuge in a seemingly abandoned laboratory complex.

They soon discover that the lab was once a top-secret government research centre gone awry. Still lurking in its corridors, a hideous genetically engineered monster emerges and a mysterious substance transforms one of them into another deadly creature!

Now trapped, the four survivors must destroy the blood-thirsty beast…or die in its dripping jaws.


  • Glossy O-Card

If you would like a copy of Creepozoids, you can pre-order the film at

David DeCoteau Creepozoids UK Blu-Ray 88 Films

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