Horror Anthology ’10/31/16′ Directorial Debut From Guitarist Rocky Gray


We are loving these fun horror anthologies as of late, Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories being one of our personal favourites at Dark Universe. Great news for our readers10/31/16 is another anthology to look out for from Rocky Gray (composer of The Barn, Killing Floor 2), who is a two-time Grammy award-winning musician, probably better known for his days as a drummer in the band Evanescence.

“A videotape given to a group of teens by a sinister trick or treater turns Halloween night into a living nightmare.”

The project is being described as being in the vein of V/H/S/ and Creepshow, which sounds like a winning formula.  P.J. Starks, the creative mind behind the (Volumes of Blood) franchise will be serving as Executive Producer on the new anthology from film production company, Red Letter Entertainment, Inc.

Feast your eyes on the teaser trailer below!