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Italian Horror Master Dario Argento Announces His Return to Horror



Italian Horror Master Dario Argento Announces His Return to Horror

Dark Universe learned from close sources that the Italian horror master Dario Argento is planning his return to horror, he will once again step behind the camera.

We’ve had a few tip-offs in the last year regarding Argento’s comeback, and we can now confirm that he has two new secret projects lined up.

At a recent photo exhibition titled “Cuts of light” by Franco Bellomo, dedicated to his films, the Italian horror master and director of Suspiria hinted at an imminent return to the set.

Said Argento: “I have a project, rather two. Let’s see what will start first. Of course it is always horror. It will be something new.” When asked to reveal more information on those projects, he declined further details.

One of our previous posts reported on a new Demons film being talked about between Sergio Stivaletti, Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava, which would be in 3D. We don’t want to get you all excited over nothing, but wouldn’t it be amazing if one of the projects was Demons 3D? We will keep you all informed when news brakes.

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