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Johannes Roberts to Helm Constantin’s New ‘Resident Evil’ Reboot



Johannes Roberts to Helm Constantin's New 'Resident Evil' Reboot

A new director has been found for Constantin Film’s Resident Evil reboot, and today we can reveal via Variety that filmmaker Johannes Roberts has jumped on board to write and direct the upcoming horror movie.

When Russo recently chatted with the folks over at Discussing Film, he revealed that his approach is to take Resident Evil it back to its horror roots. You can read a quote from the interview below.

“When you come back to that and reboot it, you wanna do something different and not just rehash. For me, it was very clear cut that I wanted to go back and make it scary again, like a horror film in terms of the classic James Wan style. So that was the pitch, going back and looking what made the games scary in the first place. So yeah, RESIDENT EVIL 7 was a bit of a touchstone for my draft.”

Do you think Roberts is a good choice to write and direct? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section. Stay tuned for more news on the project as it progresses.

The team behind the Resident Evil reboot are looking to begin production in 2019.



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