Mickey Rourke Wrestles With Supernatural Forces in ‘Unhinged’

Mickey Rourke Wrestles With Dark Supernatural Forces in ‘Unhinged’

Deadline is reporting that Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler) has been cast the lead role in Unhinged, a dark supernatural horror from the director of (Haunting Of Winchester House) Mark Atkins.

Archstone’s Scott Martin and Michael Slifkin are producing with Michael Alden, Michael Kuciak, and Ian Holt of Alt House. Nathan Reid is executive producer. Archstone Distribution will handle international sales and release it domestically, with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment handling VOD, DVD and TV.

Rourke, will play Dr. Elder, a prominent psychiatrist at a state-run hospital who wrestles with madness and a dark supernatural force as he races to stop an escaped patient from butchering five people held hostage in a remote house.

Sales for Unhinged will kick off at the Cannes film market in May and will screen at the American Film Market.