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Official Trailer and Poster Art for ‘Ouija House’ Summons Evil



Official Trailer and Poster Art for ‘Ouija House’ Summons Evil

ITN Distribution and Millman Productions just released the new poster and trailer for Ouija House, a supernatural tgriiklr starring horror’s legendary actress Dee Wallace (The Howling, Cujo, ET) and scream queen Tiffany Shepis (The Hazing, Nightmare Man, Night of the Demons).

Before the film is officially unleashed today at Cannes, you can check out the artwork and trailer footage below.

Ouija House concerns a graduate student who, trying to finish the last of her research on a book project she hopes will help her down-on-her-luck mother, brings friends to a house with a dark past, where they soon unwittingly summon an evil entity who makes the house part of its game.

The film also stars Tara ReidMischa Barton, Carly Schroeder, Chris Mulkey, Mark Grossman, Grace Demarco, and Derrick A. King, with appearances by scream queens Eva Hamilton, Sarah French, and Susan Slaughter.

Ouija House Poster

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