Rob Tapert Says ‘Evil Dead 4’ Could Still Be A Possibility In The Future!

Producer Rob Tapert has been speaking about the possibility of Evil Dead 4, a follow up film Sam Raimi has been talking about for many years. Recently, there were a serious of roundtable interviews for the second season of Ash Vs Evil Dead, with the idea that we could see a Ash Vs Evil Dead or Evil Dead 4 sequel in the future.

“Nothing’s off the table. We’re thinking about what that could be. And who that would please. And what is that? Sam talked for many, many years teasing the world about, ‘We’re going to make Evil Dead 4,’ and that kind of turned into a TV series. Now Bruce and I are going, ‘There’s a possibility of a movie here.’ We’ll see what happens.”

Do you fans still want an Evil Dead 4? I have a feeling there will be many horror fans on board for this if it happens.