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Rob Zombie Hopes ‘Three From Hell’ Will Deliver Complete Chaos for Your Entertainment Dollar



Rob Zombie Hopes 'Three From Hell' Will Deliver Complete Chaos for Your Entertainment Dollar

While Rob Zombie continues to work hard on completing his sequel to The Devil’s Rejects, the heavy metal rocker took the time to share a brand new behind-the-scenes photo of Otis (Bill Moseley) on the set of Three From Hell, which he hopes will deliver complete chaos for your entertainment dollar.

You can check out the new shot below, which comes courtesy of Zombie’s Instagram page.

The film also stars Sid Haig, Sheri Moon ZombieJeff Daniel PhillipsRichard BrakeRichard RiehleSean WhalenKevin JacksonRichard EdsonPancho MolerDanny TrejoDot-Marie JonesTom PapaDavid UryClint HowardEmilio Rivera, Dan RoebuckDee Wallace and Austin Stoker (John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13).

Expect Zombie’s Three From Hell to hit theatres this year.



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