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Robert Talbot’s Mini-Monster Flick ‘The Creeps’ Comes to (UK) Blu-Ray

Robert Talbot's Mini-Monster Flick 'The Creeps' Comes to (UK) Blu-Ray

Who doesn’t love these mini-monster terrors? That’s exactly hat we get in director Robert Talbot 1997 horror flick The Creeps, which is a hell of a lot of fun. British company 88 Films will be releasing the film on Blu-Ray in the United Kingdom on September 11, 2017. Check out the official artwork down below, along with a pre-order link right here!

Dracula. Frankenstein. The Werewolf. The Mummy. These scary subjects of innumerable nightmares have been brought to life, but there was a problem in the process… Though imbued with most of the expected attributes, the creatures’ creator made a little error in the equation. They’re three feet tall and not happy at all. These mini-monsters must now embark on a mission to complete their creation at any cost.

You can now pre-order yourself a copy of The Creeps via right here!

The Creeps UK Blu-Ray

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