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Simon McQuoid Directing ‘Mortal Kombat’, James Wan to Produce



Simon McQuoid Directing Mortal Kombat, James Wan to Produce

A new live action cinematic adaptation of the popular fighting video game Mortal Kombat is heading our way, with Australian filmmaker James Wan (Saw, InsidiousThe Conjuring), who will be producing the project.

For the film to move in the right direction, producers Michael Clear, Todd Garner, and Jeremy Stein, along with executive producer Lawrence Kasanoff have signed on a new director.

That person taking on directing duties for Wan’s Mortal Kombat is Simon McQuoid, who has helmed many different commercial ads for the likes of Halo, Duracell, Samsung, PlayStation, Dr. Pepper, Netflix, and Volkswagen. Mortal Kombat will be his feature directorial debut.

The film is said to closely follow Paul W.S. Anderson’s live action film from 1995. Anderson’s Mortal Kombat follows:

“Lord Rayden (Christopher Lambert) handpicks three martial artists — federal agent Sonya Blade (Bridgette Wilson), Shaolin monk Lui Kang (Robin Shou) and action movie sensation Johnny Cage (Linden Ashby) — and mentors them. After intense training, Rayden transports the trio to Outworld, the site of an inter-dimensional fighting tournament. There, the three humans must defeat the demonic warriors of the evil Shang Sung (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) — or allow Sung to take over the Earth.”

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