‘Sleight’ Director J.D. Dillard to Helm a Remake of ‘The Fly’ for Fox

'Sleight' Director J.D. Dillard to Helm a Remake of 'The Fly' for Fox

Fans of the original 1958 black and white version of The Fly have already been treated to David Cronenberg’s updated practical effects-filled masterpiece, which goes down as one of the greatest horror remakes ever created. Guess what? Another one is coming via Fox, thirty years after Cronenberg’s film.

Deadline got the exclusive news that J.D. Dillard, who made his directorial feature debut with (Sleight) is in negotiations to direct and co-write a remake of The Fly for Fox. He would pen the script with writing partner Alex Theurer.

It’s very early days at the moment, so we can’t give you more details other than what we have right now. The film will obviously focus on a man performing daring experiments when it all goes horribly wrong.

More news as we get it.