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The Soska Sisters Talk About Their Upcoming ‘Rabid’ Reboot and TV Series



The Soska Sisters Talk About Their Upcoming 'Rabid' Reboot and TV Series

The Soska Sisters were recently interviewed over here in the UK and teased us all with some updated information on the reboot for David Cronenberg’s cult classic Rabid, which is soon to be receiving the Reboot treatment and a new TV Series to follow. The film will play a big part in the direction of how the TV series will go.

When asked to tease some of the surprises on their version of Rabid:

Sylvia Soska: “All I can say is that there will be rabies!”

Jen Soska: “I have to be vague, I’m so sorry. It’s going to be everything the fans are hoping for because we’re fans ourselves.”

On the rumours about the TV series:

Sylvia Soska: “I can just tell you that it will be very awesome. There’s a world being created and it’s a bloody good time.”

Jen Soska: “The film will be setting up the world. There’s a lot going into the film that’ll come to play in a big way in the series.”

We’ll continue to update you all on this as we know more.

Rabid is set for a 2017 release.

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