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Todd McFarlane’s Hopes to Inject a Bit of Jacob’s Ladder into His New ‘Spawn’ Film



Spawn Film

Around two weeks ago, Dark Universe learned that Todd McFarland’s upcoming R-Rated supernatural Spawn flick will go into pre-production after Christmas for a February 2018 production start.

In a recent interview with Yahoo!, first-time director McFarland revealed that he hopes to inject a bit of Jacob’s Ladder into his upcoming Blumhouse produced Spawn flick:

I hesitate to use the word horror with Spawn because everyone has a different definition of that word. To me, horror means Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers. So I think of Spawn as supernatural; it doesn’t mean gore or violence, it just means creepy, odd, bizarre, weird stuff. When I was younger, Jacob’s Ladder was awesome. I still remember that movie, because it unsettled me enough that I couldn’t get it out of my brain. I hope I can get a little bit of that into Spawn.

McFarlane has joined forces with Blumhouse, who will be producing his live-action screenplay adaptation that will bring the iconic character back to the big screen.

Stay tuned to Dark Universe for the latest braking Spawn headlines.

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