Troubled Zombie Film ‘Gallowwalkers’ Gets a UK TV Premiere Date

Troubled Zombie Film 'Gallowwalkers' Gets a UK TV Premiere Date

The Horror Channel will be airing the UK TV Premiere of director Andrew Goth’s 2009 zombie cowboy flick Gallowwalkers, Starring Wesley Snipes (Blade), Kevin Howarth (The Seasoning House), and Patrick Bergin (Sleeping with the Enemy). After years of troubled production, Gallowwalkers will shown on the Horror Channel on December 16th in the United Kingdom.

The film had a ‘cursed’ production with troubles and hold-ups, not to mention Snipes’ slight stint in prison not long after the completion of Gallowwalkers.

The film follows: “Aman (Wesley Snipes) is cursed in the womb, and as an adult, anyone he kills rises as the walking dead. Being relentlessly pursued, the gunfighter enlists the aid of a young warrior to confront the zombies.”

You can find the Horror Channel on Sky 319, Virgin 149, Freesat 138, Freeview 70.