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Josh Ridgway’s Werewolf Biker Flick ‘Howlers’ Acquired by Archstone Distribution



Josh Ridgway's Werewolf Biker Flick 'Howlers' Acquired by Archstone Distribution

What we need right now is another bloody good werewolf flick, don’t you think? Writer/director Josh Ridgway might be the man to give us that next gem with his new horror project Howlers, which has just been acquired by Archstone Distribution out of Cannes.

It’s being described as “Wyatt Earp meets Blade… if it was cranked through a 1980s meat grinder of John Carpenter-esque camp and gore.

We’re also being told that there’s plans for a Howlers comic book from Ridgway and Collins, who are joining forces with comic book writer/creator David Booher.

A mysterious monster hunter from the old west who returns from the grave to stop a bloodthirsty werewolf motorcycle gang from terrorizing a small town.

The film stars Chad Michael Collins, Sean Patrick Flanery, Matthew Tompkins, and Chelsea Edmundson.

The film is planned for a fall release, around the Halloween period.

Howlers Poster

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