Review: Taeter City Doesn’t Play for Laughs it is Presented Very Seriously

Italian splatter kings Necrostorm scored a cult hit with their first film Adam Chaplin (2011) a combination of Manga / Anime classic Fist of the North Star, The Crow and Das Komabrutale Duell. This their second feature Taeter City (2012) has a similar extreme splatter style but this time goes the way of the retro Sci-fi Horror sub-genre. Set in the future the world is controlled by a Governmental dictatorship known simply as “The Authority” who regularly remind the populace through public announcements “Respect the Authority and Laws and you’ll be just fine”.

Crime rate is nonexistent in Taeter City thanks to radio waves named the Zeed System that targets would be criminals and cause them to kill themselves in very nasty ways they then are processed at mega slaughter houses and have their flesh turned into food and blood into energy drinks which are then sold to law abiding citizens in Authority ran McDonald-esq restaurants know as Taeter Burger. Eating and farming animals is totally outlawed punishable by… Well you get it!

Taeter City 1

Everything is going peacefully in Taeter City until the radio waves have an abstract reaction on one fellow played by Director, FX guy and head of Necrostorm the awesome looking Giulio De Santi, instead of Suicidal he becomes Homicidal, develops super strength and can admit rays from his mouth that turns others into Homicidal/suicidal Super killers. When a scientist explains this he adds “Don’t ask me why, it’s Fucking nonsense, it’s all Fucking Nonsense” Yes Doc it most certainly is but all the better for it.

This film doesn’t really play for laughs it is presented very seriously and is all the more hilarious and fun because of this. This film promises “An 80’s Movies Vibe, insane technology, Manga style crazy action, Adrenaline, Violence, Blood, Blood and again Blood” and boy it delivers on all those fronts. Delivering some of the most brutal creative Splatter action ever caught on film it has to be seen to be believed these effects are achieved by combining Practical with CGI which works a treat. Gore lovers will squeal with delight at the many graphic head crushings and Chainsaw dismemberments!!

Taeter City 2

80’s vibe wise the soundtrack is spot on and the feel of the film as a whole as are the cool cheesy high-tech weaponry and gadgets used by the trio of special police Bikers set to capture our homicidal super killer. These Bikers have been chosen out of 100s for their special abilities, the two males are called Shock and amusingly Wank and are led by the more competent Razor (Monica Munoz) who is very attractive and feels it’s her duty to uphold the rules of The Authority without question and apparently show her ample cleavage whenever possible, her ability is she that can produce lasers from her fingertips that slice through human bodies with the greatest of ease with lovingly disgusting results.

In between the OTT splat-stick gore and sci-fi action the film is littered with amusing infomercials reminding all citizens how the Authority is there for society’s own good and the almost mouth watering Taeter Burger Commercials – Social Commentary Galore! This film is like George Orwell’s 1981, Soylent Green, Escape from New York and Minority Report being violently buggered to death by Lucio Fulci. My only real complaint with this outrageous flick is the dictator character on the infomercials who refers to himself as “Your Beloved Caronte” he gets pretty cringe worthy after a while. Many people might find the bad dubbing annoying but this reviewer found it only added to its cheesy nostalgic charm. In the end credits thanks are given to All Necrostorm movie fans, All lovers of science fiction-Splatter, All 80’s nostalgics, Peter Jackson, John Carpenter, Paul Verhoeven and Takasi Miike.