Dark Universe Halloween Season: 15 Scariest Clown Sightings

Clown Sightings

It will only get worse this October with all these clown sightings being reported. Halloween is almost upon us, we feel this will be the perfect excuse for those clowns out there to go a little extreme, doing stupid things, maybe even hurting people, who really knows what will happen next? Dark Universe advise everyone to stay alert and be safe out there.

We have a little video that might help you to understand what’s going on right now with the clown encounters involving innocent victims. The video below features 15 of the most scary clown sightings caught on camera, it’s not a pretty picture. Halloween is supposed to be fun, but we doubt it would be an enjoyable experience running into one of these nutcases.

More Dark Universe Halloween Season videos to come all through October. If you would like to leave a comment or share this post, then please do so.