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Fan Film ‘Halloween Inferno: The Boogeyman Cut’ Slashes Its Way onto Blu-Ray from ColemanFilms



Halloween Inferno: The Boogeyman Cut Fan Film Slashes onto Blu-Ray

While we continue to wait for director David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills to stalk theaters in October of next year, horror fans can get an early fix of their beloved slasher icon Michael Myers in Halloween Inferno: The Boogeyman Cut, a 45 minute version of the popular Halloween Inferno series. ColemanFilms have a Blu-Ray release available to those who donate to the projects official IndieGoGo campaign. Continue reading for more details.

Blu-Rays are expected to ship some time in March of 2021.

Press Release information:

“Fans will receive a Blu-Ray by donating $25 or more to the filmmakers’ IndieGoGo Campaign. All donations will be used to fund “The Burned Over,” an ambitious and original horror feature set for production in 2021.

Halloween Inferno: Part 1 takes place moments after Halloween 2018, with Michael Myers escaping Laurie Strode’s burning house and continuing his rampage on the unsuspecting inhabitants of Haddonfield, Illinois. In Part 2, we get a glimpse back at 1978 with Myers being apprehended by the police after his killing spree. Part 3 continues this night of terror as Michael Myers makes his way to the sheriff’s department. Sheriff Barker and Lily Hawkins are Haddonfield’s last hope.

ColemanFilms is a Rochester based production company. Brothers Vince and James Coleman have brought new life to the Halloween canon and managed to set their series apart from other fan films.

Other rewards for donating to their IndieGoGo include an 11″x17″ poster and a producer credit on their next feature film The Burned Over. For more information, please visit the IndieGoGo page.”

Do you enjoy horror fan films such as this? Will you be donating to the IndieGoGo campaign to score your copy of the entire Halloween Inferno series on Blu-Ray? Sound off down in our comments section below to let us know your thoughts.

You can check out a trailer and photo from the set.

Halloween Inferno Set Photo