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Nucleus Films Releasing ‘Death Ship’ Extended Special Edition Blu-Ray in the UK This July



Nucleus Films Releasing 'Death Ship' Extended Special Edition Blu-Ray in the UK This July

Director Alvin Rakoff‘s (1980) horror film Death Ship is getting an extended Blu-Ray release from Nucleus Films in the UK on July 6th, 2020. Cover artwork and bonus features are listed below, including a direct pre-order link RIGHT HERE!

The Video Rental Blockbuster of 1983 arrives on Blu-ray, remastered from original vault elements and packed with extras!

Synopsis: “Unbeknown to the passengers on board a cruise ship in the Caribbean, a mysterious vessel is approaching – on a collision course! Despite the attempts of the crew to avert disaster, the liner is lost with all hands down, except for seven survivors. They are saved when they clamber aboard a ghostly freighter, where they discover an even worse fate. They are now prisoners on a former wartime vessel. As this ship speeds towards an unknown destination, they realise that something is intent on destroying each one of them in a gruesome and terrifying way… It’s not a ship, it’s a killing machine!

From an original story by Hollywood legend Jack Hill (Coffy, Foxy Brown, Switchblade Sisters) and starring none other than Oscar award winner George Kennedy (Cool Hand Luke, The Dirty Dozen) and Richard Crenna (Rambo: First Blood) comes the long-awaited UK Blu-ray premiere of Death Ship.

This deranged horror film is now widely regarded as a must-see cult classic!


  • Audio Commentary with Director Alvin Rakoff, moderated by English Gothic author Jonathan Rigby
  • Stormy Seas: From Blood Star to Death Ship Redux (43 mins)
  • Deleted Scenes from TV version x 2
  • Shower Scene Comparison with TV version
  • Alvin Rakoff Trailer Reel (23 mins)
  • Howard Greenberg Trailer Reel (24 mins)
  • Jack Hill Trailers Reel (30 mins)
  • Trailers and TV spots x 6
  • Bloodstar – Selected Script Pages
  • Gallery of Artwork from around the world

Pre-order Nucleus Films’ extended special edition Blu-Ray of Death Ship via

Death Ship Special Edition UK Blu-Ray