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Revisiting Chucky and Tiffany Valentine: Love Kills



Revisiting Chucky and Tiffany Valentine: Love Kills

Jennifer Tilly is a fabulous comedic actress who was nominated for an Academy Award for Bullets over Broadway in 1994 but earned cult status for her work as Tiffany Valentine in the Chucky film franchise.

She is widely known for being funny, kind and charming with lots of sex appeal though that’s not what makes her so fun — she’s an extremely talented actress, who brings joy and terror to her work, particularly as Tiffany Valentine, Chucky’s girlfriend and in many ways, his nemesis. For what is more frightening than a partner who sees through your bullshit? 

I was never a fan of Chucky’s personality (voiced by Brad Dourif) but I always liked him because he had the best lines in the films. He’s the bad guy! The bad guy always gets the best jokes. But I don’t like the way he treated Tiffany. Chucky sucks as a boyfriend. Tiffany and Chucky have a toxic relationship and it’s not even that romantic: seriously, what does Tiffany see in Chucky? 

Their relationship is puzzling on so many levels. Chucky is like an annoying alpha drunk at a seedy bar at the edge of the world. And he’s rarely nice to Tiffany. Sure, he’s a bad boy but bad boys are alluring and charismatic that’s what makes them so dangerous. WHEN IS CHUCKY ALLURING? Hardly ever, and never.

Tiffany and Chucky lived together when he was a serial killer, who kidnapped and murdered women. But she lost him when he was attacked by the police in Child’s Play. Seven years later, she decides she wants him back. She hunts down his doll parts and brings him back to life with a voodoo ritual that only works at night when the wind is blowing and the moon is full.

Tiffany says that Chucky was the best lover she ever had (really, Chucky?) after she resuscitates him instead of moving on like a normal person and finding someone new. They revive their sordid relationship and Chucky murders her admirer (Alexis Arquette) who Tiffany was letting sniff around because he worshipped her. Tiffany used him as some sort of creepy fan substitute for Chucky though he wasn’t really anything like him — just someone she could manipulate.

In many ways, Tiffany is a warped version of a mafia girlfriend, she likes having a gangster for a boyfriend. She is the type of woman who uses men, flirting with them so that she can exploit them for favors: Toying with men is what she gets off on. But Jennifer Tilly, who plays Tiffany, is so charming and adorable that you don’t hate her for it: how else is she to have fun? 

But Chucky, who is always so nonchalant (intentionally) to Tiffany, has a jealous fit over her admirer and murders him — while Tiffany is stripping in front of them. Chucky backward straddles him while turning his head slowly around to face him (homage to The Exorcist) to terrify him before he suffocates him to death with a pillow. 

Again: what does Tiffany see in Chucky? He’s a dead serial killer who never really loved her — why bother bringing him back from the dead? We can only imagine it’s because she’s damaged in some way because she’s in love with…Chucky. I mean, of all the people she could have, she chose Chucky. Chucky! It’s clear she’s as twisted as he is, and she wants more.

Tiffany asks him if he’s ever going to marry her and he laughs in her face. He says: “Are you fucking nuts?” He likes her but he doesn’t want to marry her even though he’s a FREAKING DOLL and can’t really do any better. Who is better than JENNIFER TILLY?  Enraged, she locks him up in a doll pen and humiliates him by treating him like a baby, which infuriates him. Chucky escapes and electrocutes her to death while she is taking a bath. He then transfers her soul to a doll so that they can be together forever in doll hell. 

Since their souls are trapped, they kidnap a couple so that they can transfer their souls into their bodies with voodoo magic. But during the road trip to find the amulet that’s buried with Chucky’s real body, Tiffany finally makes an impression on Chucky, the only way she can: she murders two people in bed (while they’re having sex) by throwing a bottle against a ceiling mirror that shatters, impaling them with glass. Chucky is smitten and he asks her to marry him. 

And if that’s not bad enough, they have sex afterward. But Chucky isn’t a sadist in bed and yes, we get to see it, not that we even wanted to, but there it is: Bride of Chucky shows the two dolls having sex and it’s the weirdest part of a weird movie and one of the reasons why I love Bride of Chucky so much. Tiffany asks Chucky if he has a rubber and he’s like, what? I’m ALL rubber. Good point: but Tiffany never underestimated the power of Chucky’s seed. 

But love doesn’t last long because they’re fighting again. She seems to think that she can domesticate him by doting on him (baking him cookies) trying her best to turn him into a day husband, which Chucky is never going to be. Tiffany is a self-sabotager, she deliberately chooses partners who will be mean to her, but we never get her backstory. Why is she so messed up? 

Chucky orders her to wash the dishes but Tiffany throws a plate at his head and they start screaming at each other in front of the couple they’ve kidnapped. Chucky whips a cookie at her but Tiffany isn’t going to let him walk all over her, she totally holds her own: it’s a parody of The Honeymooners but demented, sick, and funny.  

Tiffany isn’t as evil as we think, although she has some narcissistic traits, she actually has some good qualities as well, she doesn’t want to kill the couple that they’ve kidnapped, so she tries to save them. She tells Chucky that they deserve to be in Hell and stabs him in the back while kissing him. But Chucky recovers and stabs her straight in the heart, sneering after he penetrates her: get off my knife! Whatever.

Tiffany dies but gives birth to a screaming bloody doll baby with teeth first, which opens the door to the 5th installment in the series: Seed of Chucky — my favorite film in the franchise. Yes, their toxic love continues as they become parents to Glen/Glenda, a trans doll with two souls locked inside of their doll body. 

In Seed of Chucky, they attempt to act like parents much like the ending of Natural Born Killers though it doesn’t end well for Chucky, his seed lives on. By the way, calling the film Seed of Chucky is a gross and hilarious way to refer to “paranormal doll semen” in the TITLE OF THE FILM. Thank you, Don Mancini. You’re a god of camp and horror. 

Tiffany and Chucky are a toxic couple who should have broken up a long time ago. But maybe that’s how their love works: they’re too demented to love anyone else, so maybe it’s a match made in Hell?

Tiffany Aleman is a writer, comedian, and baker. She likes cats and horror films. Her favorite director is Dario Argento.