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What to Expect from David Gordon Green’s ‘Halloween’ Sequel



What to Expect from David Gordon Green's 'Halloween' Sequel

What can we expect to see in director David Gordon Green’s Halloween movie? Well, here’s a recap of what’s been confirmed thus far, along with some predictions that we may or may not see in the new film.

While we all wait in anticipation for the Halloween trailer to debut, check out some facts and theories that we have for you below.

Jamie is not Michael’s sister:

The revelation of Michael and Laurie’s family connection did not occur till Halloween II. The lore of this movie is being intentionally ignored by the writers. Michael’s motivations for stalking Laurie will likely remain mysterious and simple. He will merely be driven by his primal need to kill as well as his thirst for revenge.

The focus will be on Laurie’s granddaughter:

It is likely that Laurie’s character will be given a significant amount of attention. If she wasn’t then Jamie Lee Curtis would not have been so interested in returning. However the bulk of screen time will probably be dedicated to her granddaughter and her friends as they get picked off one by one. Most of the movie will focus on Michael stalking the young.

There have been several sequels and remakes that have explored Laurie’s psychology in depth. It is the doubtful that this will be the narrative focus of the 10th sequel. That well has surely been all dried up by now.

It will be set in Suburbia:

Laurie has faced off against Michael Myers in a hospital, a boarding school and mental asylum. The new Halloween will take things back to their roots. One of the most terrifying aspects of the original was the fact the characters were being hunted in a suburb where their screams were ignored by apathetic neighbours. The writers would probably want to continue this in the latest sequel.

It won’t be a gore movie:

One of the surprising things about re-watching the original is how bloodless the death scenes are. They are grisly but there is no emphasis on the puncture wounds, no excessive splatter. The scenes focus on the shock of Michael’s attack, underscored by Carpenter’s synth soundtrack. The sequels got gorier but given the fact this new Halloween wants to follow in the path of the original there will not be a reliance on graphic violence.

There will be jump scares:

The original was full of moments where Michael appears in frame suddenly, followed by a jarring music cue to give the audience a quick shock. This technique has become a trope of modern horror and I’m sure we will see it a lot in the new Halloween.

Busta Rhymes will not return:

It has been over 15 years since the East Coast rapper took on The Shape and won. Unfortunately for him this event has now been removed from the official timeline.

Danielle Harris has confirmed her character from parts 4, 5 and 6 will not make an appearance either. It remains to be seen how much of an influence Dr. Loomis will have on the story. His character would likely have passed away at this point. Though I am certain there will at least be a passing reference to him in this latest instalment.



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