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5 ‘Fear Street’ Novels That Would Make Good On-Screen Adaptations



5 'Fear Street' Novels That Would Make Good On-Screen Adaptations

It was recently announced that the summer of 2021 will official be the ‘Summer of Fear’ over on Netflix – a moniker that we previously may have believed belonged to the summer of 2020. However, ‘The Summer of Fear’ represents the long-awaited release of a three-film adaptation based on R.L. Stine’s Fear Street book series. For those who are unfamiliar with Fear Street, it was essentially Goosebumps for teens. While the films are noted as being set within the world of Fear Street, taking place in the fictional town of Shadyside that Stine crafted, they do not appear to be specific to any particular installment in the series.

With this knowledge in hand, below are five installments in the Fear Street series that are deserving of a shot at an on-screen adaptation.

1. The Wrong Number

What starts as best friends Deena and Jade making prank calls to boys from school, progresses into something else when Deena’s half-brother Chuck decides to join in on the fun. He begins making calls to random people throughout Shadyside before eventually calling a number to someone residing on Fear Street. Their fun takes a dark turn when the trio overhears a murder on the other side of the call. They soon find themselves becoming the center of attention for a killer who comes to learn everything about them. Originally set in an era before Caller ID, in which prank calls were king, The Wrong Number can be adapted in a way that utilizes today’s available number-spoofing technology.

The Wrong Number Fear Street

2. Silent Night

Silent Night was actually a Fear Street Superchiller, which wound up getting a sequel in Silent Night 2. Marketed as a ‘Christmas Suspense Story’, it presents the character of Reva Dalby – a girl that you will love to hate. As a main character, Reva is surprisingly awful. She is the epitome of a selfish, spoiled brat, that is incredibly callous towards those around her. She is introduced with a clear representation of her lack of regard for others’ feelings and shown as one who plays cruel pranks on others solely for her own entertainment. So, when someone begins to torment Reva through a series of twisted pranks of their own, there are a multitude of suspects that spring to mind. However, Reva is not the only one that finds herself the victim of a dark situation, as the sub-plot contains blackmail and murder amongst the supporting characters that leads to an interesting twist at the end.

Silent Night Fear Street

3. The Dead Lifeguard

Another Superchiller, The Dead Lifeguard offers up the tale of a country club murder spree amongst teenagers. As can be expected, the lifeguards at the club appear to care more about tanning, partying, and one another than their actual job. They all express how lucky they feel that they got jobs at the club, which appears to be a coveted place of employment despite the fact that the place is supposedly cursed. Soon after their arrival, they begin to die in terrible ways and come to the realization that someone is targeting them. Filled with murder and stolen identities, The Dead Lifeguard has enough twists to keep one guessing until the end.

The Dead Lifeguard Fear Street

4. Cheerleaders

This list would not be complete without mention of the Fear Street Cheerleaders series. Originally a trilogy that included The First Evil, The Second Evil, and The Third Evil, R.L. Stine continued the saga through Cheerleaders: The New Evil and Cheerleaders: The Evil Lives! which were installments in the Superchiller series. With a total of five books in the Cheerleaders series, this is often one of the most well-remembered Fear Street storylines. Following a bus accident, the cheerleaders of Shadyside High find themselves tormented by an evil spirit that is possessing one of their own, which is further complicated by the fact that they are unaware of who is being possessed. Though the spirit is defeated, it continuously returns in an attempt to finish what it started and eventually moves on to torment a new generation of teenagers in its final installment. With so many entries in the series, Cheerleaders has the potential for a franchise, and includes enough of a background for a potential prequel as well.

Cheerleaders Fear Street

5. Trapped

Trapped begins in Saturday detention, where a group of teenagers find themselves exploring the school under the limited supervision in which they were provided. Though this story begins in a way that is slightly reminiscent of The Breakfast Club, the teenagers in this story learn more about the school rather than themselves. During their exploration, they eventually stumble upon an old bomb shelter and a series of tunnels beneath the school. They decide to investigate further before finding themselves becoming lost. As time goes on, the teens begin to realize that there is something off about one of the tunnel walls. Their search for a way out becomes dire when find themselves faced with a supernatural threat that had laid dormant until their discovery.

Trapped Fear Street



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