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6 Horror Films to Watch During the Quarantine



6 Horror Films to Watch During the Quarantine

6 Horror Films to Watch During the Quarantine

We know a lot of you out there are cooped up inside your homes. At least I hope you are… social distancing is very important. While you’re stuck at home, it’s a good time to avoid going insane from cabin fever (pun intended) and to cross some things off your watchlist. So without further ado here is a list of horror films to watch during quarantine to help keep your mind off the real horrors going out there and remember that it can be much worse.

The Shining (1980)

Are you and your family trapped inside for an ungodly amount of time? Maybe you need to get some writing done or catch up on work. This film will remind you to take it easy once in a while, especially in times like these. Remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Shelley Duvall The Shining

Bird Box (2018)

“You go outside, you will die”. A film about paranoia on what could happen next in a changing world feels pretty real right now. Especially trying to protect friends and family like Sandra Bullock’s character does in this Netflix original horror film. Also, a movie where going out to get groceries is a risky mission seemed pretty ahead of its time.

Bird Box Sandra Bullock

Cabin Fever (2002)

Hope you were paying attention to the pun I wrote at the beginning of this article. Look, I’ll be honest. This film doesn’t really feel relevant to the current pandemic, besides the name of course.

Cabin Fever 2002

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Since you can’t actually go outside and go on a nice hike with friends anymore, why don’t you just watch a movie about a bunch of friends who go on a nice hike… to their deaths. Turn off all the lights, sit on the couch, and watch this classic found footage horror story.

The Blair Witch Project 1999

Contagion (2011)

A film about a woman bringing back a sickness from a foreign country and having it turn into a global pandemic and national emergency, all while media builds up paranoia? Also very ahead of its time. Nine years ahead of it’s time to be exact.

Contagion 2011

The Thing (1982)

“No one trusts anybody now, and we are all very tired”. Enough said.

John Carpenter's The Thing 1982



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