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Dark Universe Halloween Season: Michael Myers Musical Cartoon Parody



Michael Myers Halloween Michael Myers Musical Parody

While searching the depths of darkness, we came across this very cool animated Halloween Michael Myers musical parody, which also featuring Laurie Strode. The creative people over at the LHUGUENY YouTube channel have put together one amusing video with original lyrics, which features the tune from Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear The Reaper”.

Even though the video is very funny, it still has something disturbing about it. If you’re feeling in a happy mood, you can check out the lyrics to the song below.

Described as an animation music video parody of the movie “Halloween.” Michael Myers returns home for a musical killing spree to the beat of a cowbell…

Little Michael’s nuts, Spilled his sister’s guts.

Stole a car so he could escape, From Smith’s Grove Sanitarium.
Drove to Haddonfield, Staked out his victims.
Yes, fear Michael, Wears a creepy mask.
Yes, fear Michael, Knifed Annie in a car,
Yes, fear Michael, Nailed Bob to the wall.

Halloween has come, Jamie Lee must run.

Michael wanted to celebrate, The holiday so he wore a sheet.
Lindsey thought it was Bob. Strangled her with a phone cord,
Yes, Fear Michael, I stabbed his neck,
Yes, Fear Michael, Doc blew him away,
Yes, Fear Michael, He’s invincible.

With October 31st fast approaching, we want to bring you the most awesome horror content that we can for you to enjoy. Dark Universe Halloween Season has been great fun, don’t you think? You can post your thoughts in the comments section below.



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