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Dark Universe Halloween Season: Trick Or Treat (1986) Soundtrack



Sammi Curr Trick Or Treat

It seems fitting with Halloween just around the corner to feature the soundtrack to Charles Martin Smith’s 1986 cult supernatural horror film Trick or Treat, which has some of the coolest rock tracks from the 80’s. The band known as Fastway were responsible for the awesome tunes, and the films cast had a few rock legends attached to it, such as Gene Simmons (Kiss) and Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath).

About the film:

“Marc Price, Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne star in this horror. When he learns of the death of rock star Sammi Curr (Tony Fields), high school student Eddie Weinbauer (Price) is given one of his idol’s records by local radio DJ Nuke (Simmons), who knew the heavy metal musician personally. But the spirit of Sammi lives on in the record and he uses the connection to order Eddie to carry out his bidding from beyond the grave. As his demands grow increasingly sinister and violent, Sammi is forced to break free and only Eddie can stop him from taking his revenge on the pupils of Lakeridge High School.”

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