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Deathcore Standouts Lorna Shore Enlist Norbert Crowfield for Horror-Referencing, Unsettling Video for “Into the Earth”



Deathcore Standouts Lorna Shore Enlist Norbert Crowfield for Horror-Referencing, Unsettling Video for "Into the Earth"

Within the last year, Lorna Shore have risen to the top of the deathcore genre, thanks in no small part to the inhuman vocal range of their new vocalist Will Ramos. His first track with the band, the melodic and meticulous “To The Hellfire,” put the entire extreme metal world on notice, with last year’s … And I Return to Nothingness EP gaining critical acclaim. Earlier this year, the band announced a new record entitled Pain Remains, with the initial single “Sun//Eater” serving as a breakneck piece of deathcore excellence served with a side of black metal blast beats and orchestral overtones. With the new album, the band’s first with Ramos at the helm, due in October, the band have offered up another preview with the punishing “Into the Earth.”

What comes forth in the next six and a half minutes is an onslaught of technical metal wizardry and Ramos’ vocal viscerality. Lyrically, the song is about nightmares and one’s inability to distinguish reality from imagination, therefore lending the song to a frantic, urgent pacing before the crash back down to the earth below hits. Just as the band have asserted that the upcoming disc is a breath of fresh air for them, this song, much like any of the five the band have released since their return last summer, is a jolt of new life into a genre once thought to be a passing fad, a flavor of the month in the search of the most br00tal sounds imaginable.

The visuals for this nightmare are provided by Norbert Crowfield of Bad Moon Films, whose previous work includes videos for Darko and Dirty Design. There are loads of references to horror films here, from The Exorcist to Alien to Requiem for a Dream and then some. To take the time to list each one would be to likely miss a few in the process, but rest assured that this nightmare of a music video tips its hat to the nightmares of the silver screen that we all know and love.

Lorna Shore’s new album Pain Remains is due out in October 2022 via Century Media Records. See the video for “Into the Earth,” filmed by Norbert Crowfield, below: