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Early Poster Art for Giancarlo Ruiz’s ‘The Neighbors’ is Unique



Early Poster Art for Giancarlo Ruiz's ‘The Neighbors’ is Unique

Giancarlo Ruiz’s The Neighbors will be making its way to the LA Film Festival’s Nightfall category, which will be the place to go to watch the film’s world premiere. Head on down to check out the new poster artwork.

The Neighbors follows a man’s obsession with his downstairs neighbors escalates as he moves from voyeur to tormentor to kidnapper in this intense, experimental character study.

The film stars Paco Mufote, Isabel Orizaga, Sergio Valdez, and Joseph J. Stephen.

The LA Film Festival takes place June 14June 22, 2017, headquartered at ArcLight Cinemas Culver City, with additional screenings at ArcLight Hollywood, ArcLight Santa Monica and more.

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