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101 Films Brings British Cannibal Horror ‘Before Dawn’ to (UK) Blu-Ray This April



101 Films is releasing Dominic Brunt‘s British cannibal horror flick Before Dawn on UK Blu-Ray on April 8th, 2019. You can check out the cover artwork and special bonus features below, including a link to pre-order the film RIGHT HERE!

This terrifying, critically-acclaimed directorial debut from Dominic Brunt (“Emmerdale”) takes you deep into the twisted depths of humanity at its most monstrous

Synopsis: “In a last-ditch effort to save his marriage, Alex (Brunt) travels with is estranged wife Meg (Joanne Mitchell) to an isolated country cottage. Little do they realise, their problems are about to get much, much worse as a horrifying viral pandemic takes hold in the outside world, turning its victims into frenzied, flesh-hungry cannibals. With just makeshift weapons and his wits to protect them, Alex prepares to do all he can to protect himself and Meg. It is only when the infection spreads to his beloved wife that Alex faces the hardest challenge of all….


  • BRAND NEW: Interview with Frightfest’s Paul McEvoy
  • BRAND NEW: Frightfest Premiere footage and interviews
  • Director’s Commentary
  • Trailer
  • Making of feature
  • Outtakes
  • Raw footage

You can pre-order a copy of Before Dawn on Blu-Ray from

Before Dawn UK Blu-Ray