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88 Films Announce a Bucket Load of UK Horror Blu-Ray Releases



88 Films UK Releases: Bucket Loads of Blu-Ray Horror Movies Unleashed

First up, 88 films announced today via Facebook that three new horror releases are making their way on Blu-Ray in the UK. The company is ready to slay you with three new slasher movies from the classics collection. The only UK label to have a line dedicated to the deranged delirium of the golden age of slice and dice.

88 Films is ready to unleash a certified teen-tormenting gem in the timeless terror title HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW (1983). Remade as a Carrie Fisher-starring blockbuster in 2009, this original effort – about a dorm prank gone wrong and the terrible consequences – doubtlessly inspired such later revenge-flicks as I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. A trendsetting genre template, HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW is the latest in our Slasher Classics line.

Next up is SLAUGHTERHOUSE ROCK (1988) – an atmospheric and thoroughly eighties outing that mixes the malevolence of a claustrophobic Alcatraz setting with the newfound supernatural thrills of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. As with such other late-period trap ’em and stalk ’em shockers, such as BAD DREAMS, the stylish SLAUGHTERHOUSE ROCK is part-ghoulish ghost story and part-creepy slasher carnage and 88 Films is proud to present this plasma-stained pot boiler in full HD.

Finally comes SWEET SIXTEEN – one of the defining early eighties offerings that features a coming-of-age tale that is packed full of sharp-edged surprises and shocking small town spine-tinging terror. Featuring a standout role from the iconic Dana Kimmell (FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3), and a soundtrack that positively oozes with the decade’s chart schmooze, SWEET SIXTEEN is a stab-a-thon marathon that is finally given a British HD debut!

Extras, booklets (by slasher academic Calum Waddell) and more to be announced!!

88 Films Latest Blu-Ray UK Titles

Hey Dark Universe readers, listen up! If the above announcement wasn’t enough to please your blood lust, we have even more title information for you from the company. The following five titles will be getting Blu-Ray releases in the UK from 88 Films very soon. Continue reading for even more horror madness.

88 Films Latest Blu-Ray UK Titles 2

Never released uncut in the UK before – TOOLBOX MURDERS stars the legendary Cameron Mitchell (BLOOD AND BLACK LACE) as a balaclava-clad badman who stalks and splatters a number of nubile and frequently nude young ladies across a Hollywood apartment block. Included in the vixen-victims is the legendary adult star Kelly Nichols (ROOMMATES) who is turned into a human pin cushion by our unapologetically evil antagonist. Banned as a video nasty in the UK, TOOLBOX MURDERS would be remade by the legendary Tobe Hooper (THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE) in 2004, but nothing beats this original nightmare which, along with HALLOWEEN, heralded a new era of slice and dice madness in the late 1970s. Finally unleashed in HD by 88 Films in an all-new special edition, this gore gem is ready to drill and thrill you in a brilliant Blu-Ray edition.

So much cool stuff coming out, so you better start saving some money back if you want to pick up these sexy titles. We’ve already covered the 88 Films release of Creepozoids, which is coming out on July 10, 2017. Information on all other releases listed here will be posted as soon as we know more.

The Toolbox Murders UK Blu-Ray