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88 Films to Bring Burt Brinckerhoff’s Horror-Thriller ‘Dogs’ to (UK) Blu-Ray




88 Films are preparing to release Burt Brinckerhoff‘s 1976 vicious horror-thriller Dogs on Blu-Ray in the United Kingdom on January 8, 2018. Head on down to check out the awesome cover artwork and bonus contents, including a pre-order link right here!

In the wake of JAWS (1975) audiences were treated to all number of nature-run-amok movies – from Jeff Lieberman’s killer worm outing SQUIRM (1976) to the national park nightmare GRIZZLY (1976). Equally quick off-the-bat was DOGS, also unleashed in 1976, and treating terror-hungry audiences to an outbreak of canine carnage in a small California town. Featuring the thespian talents of British actor David McCallum (THE GREAT ESCAPE), the action comes thick and fast as ‘man’s best friend’ is turned against its owner and chows down on human flesh – in the streets, in the corridors of a university and even in the shower… no one is safe from being mauled by a pack of blood thirsty four-legged fiends! Best compared to Stephen King’s gut-wrencher CUJO (1983), few fans of 42nd Street ferocity will deny that DOGS is a B-movie masterpiece that you would be barking mad to miss!

A university scientist, searching for the cause of a rash of cattle killings, discovers that something is turning local dogs from gentle pet into deadly predators.


  • The Making of Dogs – Featurette
  • How American Cinema Changed Hollywood Forever – Documentary
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spot
  • Optional English Subtitles

You can pre-order the Blu-Ray release of Dogs from

Dogs UK Blu-Ray



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