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88 Films Label Slasher Classic Collection Brings Horror Gem ‘Popcorn’ to (UK) Blu-Ray



88 Films Label Slasher Classic Collection Brings 'Popcorn' to (UK) Blu-Ray

88 Films continue to announce more horror gems today via their official Facebook page, and next up is a UK release of early 90’s slasher classic Popcorn on Blu-Ray. Head on down to check out the awesome artwork, including a pre-order link RIGHT HERE!


Our Slasher Classics range nears number 40 on October 8th!!

Canada took the slasher movie to the next level when the country produced the trendsetting Black Christmas in 1974, at the height of what has become known as ‘Canuxploitation’. Later shockers from the nation of moose, Mounties and maple syrup included the equally effective My Bloody Valentine (1981) and Happy Birthday to Me (1981) but by the turn of the eighties the terror-trend was drying up… at least until the plasma-spilling shocks of Popcorn in 1991! This is Canadian slice and dice action par excellence – and returns to the good old days of splashed blood, high body counts and a mysterious killer as a young female screenwriter (played by the great Scream Queen Jill Schoelen from The Stepfather and Cutting Class) suffers nightmares of a strange figure who may well be breaking into the ‘reel’ world… Postmodern and provocative, and featuring a genre ensemble cast that includes Dee Wallace Stone (The Howling) and Kelly Jo Minter (The People Under the Stairs), Popcorn has maintained a following of macabre movie fans for decades since its release!

Special features to be announced.

A murderer begins killing off teenagers at a horror movie marathon they have organized in an abandoned theater.

You can pre-order yourself a copy of Popcorn on Blu-Ray from

Popcorn UK Blu-Ray