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A Cool New ‘Stranger Things’ Toy From Dan Polydoris



Netflix’s Stranger Things is fast becoming a fan favourite, which is no surprise. Now, take a look at this amazing toy bike from Stranger Things that was created by Dan Polydoris, we love this.

Dan Polydoris emailed Bloody-Disgusting with the following info:

“Just in case you thought “The Fog Action Figure” was the stupidest thing I’ve ever made, I might’ve topped it.” He wrote on Instagram, “I’m also an idiot, so I made this stupid custom out of a dollhouse bike.”

Take a look at the fantastic packing, looks almost like an official thing. The red bike is spot on in detail, which is the reason why we would pick one up. What do you guys think of this? Share your thoughts on special media or comment below!

Stranger Things Toy Bike



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