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Aaron Mento’s Horror Comedy ‘CRUST’ Stars Some Genre Favorites



Aaron Mento's Horror Comedy 'CRUST' Stars Some Genre Favorites

CRUST is a new indie horror film starring some of the genres favorite stars, and to be honest, not much is know about the project at the moment. The film is being described as a new creature feature horror-comedy, which is directed by Aaron Mento. Special effects guru Erik Porn (Teen Wolf) is also on board.

Why should you be excited about CRUST, right? Well, Dark Universe will tell why this film shouldn’t be ignored. While doing some digging, we found out that Sean Whalen, who played the character of Roach in Wes Craven’s (The People Under the Stairs) will star. Whalen also appeared in Rob Zombie’s (Halloween 2, Hatchet 3, and the upcoming horror legends filled Death Housedirected by harrison smith.

Joining Whalen to co-star in CRUST will be Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 and Halloween 2), and horror icon Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Tales of Halloween).

We can’t tell you a whole lot about the film other then what we hear from the official Facebook that a big announcement will be made around valentine days, so keep checking Dark Universe for further updates on the film. While we wait, check out the first official  CRUST image below!

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