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Adam Green Announces New ‘Hatchet’ Comic Book Series



Adam Green Announces New Hatchet Comic Book Series

It’s been a few years since the last Hatchet film, and though the franchise has ended for now, Victor Crowley’s character will make a return in a brand new comic book series. The guys at Crypt Podcast just announced the news, which has now been officially confirmed on Instagram by Hatchet director Adam Green!

In an Instagram post, Green announced:

“Victor Crowley is coming to comics next year! Just in time for HATCHET’s 10 year anniversary, ArieScope and American Mythology have partnered to bring you a SERIES of comics based on the slasher film franchise. That’s a whole lot of new Victor Crowley stories and probably ALL of the red ink the printers can get their hands on. More details and a sneak peek at some of the artwork coming wicked soon!”

Victor Crowley’s rain of terror will continue with brand new stories!

Sounds really exciting, right? For all you hardcore comic book collector’s out there, this has to be very welcomed news. We would love to see more of the Hatchet franchise in any form.