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Apparently ‘Wrong Turn 7’ Will Go into Production This Year End



Apparently Wrong Turn 7 Will Go into Production This Year End

It was well over two years ago that we last heard about the rumoured Wrong Turn 7 sequel, and we thought the series was calling it quits. Well, according to the films Facebook page, we will indeed see another entry in the cannibalistic hillbilly family franchise.

From what we understand via the post, the script for Wrong Turn 7 is complete, with production to begin later this year.

Check out the brief statement that was shared on the official Facebook page:

The script for part 7 is ready. It will go into production this year end. We will update the shoot pics soon. Stay connected on [the] official WT 7 page.

What do you think guys? We sure hope it brings back tons of gore and tension scares, something I don’t think we’ve seen since the original.