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Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms His Return to the ‘Terminator’ Franchise!



Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms His Return to the Terminator Franchise!

Just when we thought the Terminator franchise was dead and buried at Paramount Pictures, along comes another exciting piece of information regarding Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return in the next film.

Speaking to ScreenDaily in Cannes, where he is talking up new environmentally-focused documentary Wonders Of The Sea 3D with producer Francois Mantello and co-directors Jean-Michel Cousteau and Jean-Jacques Mantello, Schwarzenegger confirmed that he will star in a new Terminator film produced by James Cameron.

It is back,” commented Schwarzenegger, who revealed that he had met Cameron recently and discussed the project. “It is moving forward. He [Cameron] has some good ideas of how to continue with the franchise,” the actor added, “I will be in the movie.

Look out for another huge announcement coming later this year.

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