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Arrow Video Releasing ‘The Ring’ Trilogy Collection (UK) Blu-Ray With New 4K Scan



Arrow Video Releasing 'The Ring' Trilogy Collection (UK) Blu-Ray With New 4K Scan

Arrow Video is proud to present the genre-defining trilogy – Ring – as well as the ‘lost’ original sequel, George Iida’s Spiral on Blu-Ray.

Arrow Video just announced a UK exclusive trilogy collection Blu-Ray Box Set release of the first three Ring movies, which will also include George Iida’s lost sequel, Spiral.

The original Ring, directed by Hideo Nakata, will feature a brand new restoration from a 4K scan of the original camera negative. The trilogy box set will be available through the official Arrow Films website on June 10th, 2019. Head on down to check out the awesome cover artwork and bonus features, including a pre-order link RIGHT HERE!

In 1998, director Hideo Nakata (Dark Water) unleashed a chilling tale of technological terror on unsuspecting audiences, which redefined the horror genre, launched the J-horror boom in the West and introducing a generation of moviegoers to a creepy, dark-haired girl called Sadako. The film’s success spawned a slew of remakes, reimaginations and imitators, but none could quite boast the power of Nakata’s original masterpiece, which melded traditional Japanese folklore with contemporary anxieties about the spread of technology.

Synopsis: “A group of teenage friends are found dead, their bodies grotesquely contorted, their faces twisted in terror. Reiko (Nanako Matsushima, When Marnie Was There), a journalist and the aunt of one of the victims, sets out to investigate the shocking phenomenon, and in the process uncovers a creepy urban legend about a supposedly cursed videotape, the contents of which causes anyone who views it to die within a week – unless they can persuade someone else to watch it, and, in so doing, pass on the curse…

Arrow Video is proud to present the genre-defining trilogy – Ring, the film that started it all, plus Hideo Nakata’s chilling sequel, Ring 2, and the haunting origin story, Ring 0 – as well as the ‘lost’ original sequel, George Iida’s Spiral, gathered together in glorious high definition and supplemented by a wealth of archival and newly created bonus materials.


  • Brand new 4K restoration of Ring from the original camera negative, approved by director of photography Junichiro Hayashi
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentations
  • Lossless Japanese DTS-HD master audio 5.1 and PCM 2.0 soundtracks
  • Optional English subtitles
  • Bonus feature: Spiral, George Iida’s 1998 sequel to Ring
  • New audio commentary on Ring by film historian David Kalat
  • New audio commentary on Ring 0 by author and critic Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
  • The Ring Legacy, a series of new interviews from critics and filmmakers on their memories of the Ring series and ints enduring legacy
  • A Vicious Circle, anew video interview with author and critic Kat Ellinger on the career of Hideo Nakata
  • Circumnavigating ring, a new video essay by critic Jasper Sharp on the J-horror phenomenon
  • The Psychology of Fear, a newly edited archival interview with author Koji Suzuki
  • Archival behind-the-scenes featurette on Ring 0
  • Ring 0 deleted scenes
  • Sadako’s video
  • Multiple theatrical trailers for the Ringt series

You can pre-order your copy of The Ring trilogy collection on Blu-Ray from

Ring Collection UK Blu-Ray



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