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‘Attack the Block 2’ Star John Boyega Confirms Sequel is in Active Development!



'Attack the Block 2' Star John Boyega Confirms Sequel is in Development!

According to Attack the Block star John Boyega in a recent red carpet interview, a sequel to director Joe Cornish‘s 2011 sci-fi flick is in active development as I type this. That’s right, you can expect an official announcement for Attack the Block 2 coming very soon.

From a transcript via Deadline today, Boyega had the following to say about the development of Attack the Block 2:

I’m in the lab. [We’re] in the lab. We cooking. We cooking. I’ve sat down with Joe Cornish just literally a few weeks ago. Expect some news soon.”

“We started developing…[We’re] still in development. We’re cooking something real sweet and we’ll have some announcements soon.

We have known about a potential sequel to Attack the Block for quite some time now. Back in May of 2021, Boyega talked reuniting with Cornish for Attack the Block 2. Click the link to read our coverage of what was actually discussed.

Are you looking forward to another Attack the Block movie? If so, would you like to see the cast from the original movie return as well? As usual, you can sound off with your thoughts on this down in our comments section below this article.

Stay tuned for more news on Attack the Block 2 to come.