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Award-Winning Supernatural Horror ‘Echoes of Fear’ Gets Theatrical Run This October



Award-Winning Supernatural Horror 'Echoes of Fear' Gets Theatrical Run This October

Brian and Laurence Avenet-Bradley‘s award-winning supernatural horror flick Echoes of Fear embarks on a national theatrical release beginning this October.

You can check out the trailer below, along with a list of theatre locations and screening dates.

Synopsis: “Alysa inherits her grandfather’s house following his sudden death from an apparent heart attack. She cannot keep the house so travels there to prepare it for sale. While she is packing away her grandfather’s belongings some strange and unexplained events inside the house start to spook her and she soon comes to the conclusion that she is not alone there.

The film stars Trista Robinson, Hannah Race, Paul Chirico and Marshal Hilton.


Los Angeles, CA October 16th.
Torrance, CA October 24th.
Chattanooga, TN October 24th.
Johnson City, TN October 24th.
Knoxville, TN October 23rd.
New York, NY October (Date TBD).
San Francisco, CA October (Date TBD).
Greenville, SC November (Date TBD).
Pasadena, CA November 6th.
Atlanta, GA November (Date TBD).
Palm Springs, CA November (Date TBD).
Boston, MASS. November 6th.
Santa Monica, CA November 20th.
Orlando, FL November (Date TBD).

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