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Barbara Crampton Gives an Update on the ‘Castle Freak’ Reboot



Castle Freak Reboot Update: Barbara Crampton on Enhancing Lovecraft Elements

Barbara Crampton shares an update on the progress of the Castle Freak reboot, and confirms will enhance a lot of the Lovecraft elements.

Back in April, we learned that American SFX and prosthetic makeup artist Tate Steinsiek had been hired to direct a modern day remake of Stuart Gordon’s horror flick Castle Freak for Cinestate and Full Moon founder Charles Band.

What’s happening with the project now? Well, producer Barbara Crampton just gave an update in an interview with the folks over at Daily Dead:

The script is being written right now, and we’re looking to shoot sometime later this year, beginning of next year,” Crampton told DD. “All the elements for that are coming together really well, and it’s going to be an updated version of the old [film] and have a fresher start and some different characters, with more of the Freak and his backstory.

She continued: “Also, our goal is to enhance a lot of the Lovecraft elements in the movie to just bring the Lovecraft universe a little bit more to life and a little bit more in the forefront. I’m really excited to read the final version, but we’ve all been working with the writer on the story elements and it’s looking really good. So I’m very excited about that as well.

Dallas Sonnier, Amanda Presmyk, Charles Band will also produce the modern day version of the 1995 monster classic.

Dark Universe will continue to keep you updated on the Castle Freak reboot.