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Barbara Crampton Making Comeback With Werewolf Film The Wildness



The Realm recently launched the genre label production company Bron Studios, and are set to produce a new werewolf horror/comedy known as The Wildness, and joining them on the producing side will be the iconic scream queen Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, From Beyond) fame. She’s definitely on her way back with horror related projects recently, her biggest one being B. Harrison Smith’s Death House, which she’ll be thrown into the mix with such stars as Kane Hodder and Robert Englund.

The Wildness will be directed by Marcel Sarmiento, while the screenplay will be written by Even Dickson.

The Wildness Story

“follows a ski bum who’s pushing 40 and still has a penchant for drugs, babes and transcendental meditation. He’s forced to become an unlikely hero in order to save a mountainside community too drunk on wild parties and over-development to notice that their kids are being systematically turned into werewolves.”

Casting is already underway and we wonder who will land the character of ski bum, but we just hope it turns out to be someone surprising who lands the role. Production isn’t expected to begin until sometime in January. Filming will take place in Vancouver.