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Barbara Crampton “Would Love” to Return to ‘Re-Animator’ in a New Re-Imagining or TV Series



Barbara Crampton "Would Love" to Return to 'Re-Animator' in a New Re-Imagining or TV Series

The beloved Re-Animator franchise has been dormant for the past 15 years, the last one being Brian Yuzna’s Beyond Re-Animator in 2003. Will we ever see a resurgence? Barbara Crampton, star of Stuart Gordon’s original cult horror classic, is hoping for a return in some form.

When asked if she would ever make another Re-Animator movie, Crampton told our good friends over at Darkside Magazine:

“I think it would have to be a remake wouldn’t it?And I am not a big fan of remakes. I would much rather they re-imagine Re-Animator and ask me to take part in that. Or I would like to see a Re-Animator series – kind of like what they did with The Evil Dead. I think that could really work.”

She continued:

“They did not remake Puppet Master, they re-imagined it. I would love to see a similar thing with Re-Animator.”

How awesome would it be to get the original cast and crew back for a new re-imagining? I’m sure Jeffrey Combs would return for one final Re-Animator flick.



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