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Blue Envelope Media Acquires Worldwide DVD Distribution Rights for Rob Ceus’ Splatter Flick ‘Zombies From Sector 9’



Blue Envelope Acquires Worldwide DVD Distribution Rights for Rob Ceus' Splatter Flick 'Zombies From Sector 9'

We have just been informed via an official press release that Blue Envelope Media has acquired the worldwide DVD distribution rights for Rob Ceus‘ splatter flick Zombies From Sector 9. We have all the gory details for you below, along with bloody stills from the film and poster artwork.

Official press release information:

“Z9 received its World Premiere at the B-Movie Underground & Trash Film Festival (BUTFF) this September. It has featured in competition at some of the best underground horror film festivals and has received six coveted nominations.

Z9 also won the award for Best Score at the Hardcore Horror Fest 2020. The original soundtrack was produced by Blue Envelope Media co-founder Amer Shihab’s electronic band Console Clone. In this post-apocalyptic zombie horror we follow Bookwalker, once a useless bum, now turned zombie killer and raider hunter. Set in Crittersville where the dead are coming back to life and raiders are roaming the lands.

Steven Daemers (DVD 2, Paranoia Tapes 2) leads an impressive cast as Bookwalker with Manoush (Amelie) also starring. The film boasts cameos from horror/sci-fi vets Brian Paulin, Alex Wesley, Sébastien Godin and Joe Meredith.

Zombies From Sector 9 is written and directed by Rob Ceus. Ceus also serves as a producer alongside Philip Brockhurst and Gary Gooch, with Inge Vanleene exec producing and editing. The acquisition was negotiated by Amer Shihab, Founder and Creative Director of Blue Envelope Media with Rob Ceus of TerrorVisions Productions.”

Shihab said:

I’m beyond excited to see the launch of this project. It’s been a pleasure working with Rob; I respect him greatly and not only think of him as a fellow artist, but also as a friend. We’ve spent a lot of time grinding away at this day and night to bring this film to horror fans everywhere, and I’m certain that it’s not going to disappoint. This is the first of many more projects to come, and I’m immensely proud that Z9 is the first.

Shihab continued:

I am a strong believer in preserving works of art through physical media, even now more than ever.

Ceus stated:

Ams (Amer Shihab) is a reliable guy and has helped me out in the past with the OST of Zombies from Sector 9. He’s an all-round good guy. My boy blue!

Ceus concluded:

I wanted to give a new company a chance and see what they’d do with it; fresh eyes on the industry. I’ll definitely be working with Blue Envelope Media again in the future for the marketing of Zombies from Sector 9: Part 2.

Have you had a chance to watch the film? If so, what did you think? As usual you can let us know your thoughts on Zombies From Sector 9 down in our comments section below this article.

Enjoy the following stills.

Zombies From Sector 9 Bloody Skeleton

Zombies From Sector 9 Chainsaw

Zombies From Sector 9 Rake

Zombies From Sector 9 Poster Artwork