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Blumhouse’s ‘Firestarter’ Remake Has Wrapped Filming



Blumhouse's 'Firestarter' Remake Has Wrapped Filming

On July 16th Zach Efron posted a picture to his Instagram reading “That’s a wrap on #Firestarter movie! Can’t wait for you guys to see this.”, tagging lead actress Ryan Kiera Armstrong.

Various crew members of the film have been posting behind the scenes photos of the shooting so audiences aren’t totally in the dark, however it is nice to see the film get wrapped up and moved to the editing floor.


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With the recent successes of the remake of IT over at Warner Bros. as well as a few heavy hitting Stephen King adaptations over at Netflix (1922, Gerald’s Game) it’s no surprise that Blumhouse is trying their hand at the current era of King revival.

With only a few behind the scenes looks it’s hard to say whether audiences will welcome this film with open arms or simply toss it aside, but the use of practical effects we’ve seen from crew videos is a great sign. One video in particular even showed a stunt man practically set on fire, alluding to the firestarter herself dealing out some brutal damage in the film, probably solidifying an R-rating.

What do you think of Blumhouse rebooting Firestarter? Let me know in the comments below, and make sure to follow my twitter @JacobAtTheMovie for more horror related posts.



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