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British Kickstarter Project ‘Werehouse’ to Unleash Werewolves in New Gothic Horror




One of the most unique sounding British horror werewolf short movie projects deserves your attention and support!

Viral Films UK and Death Vault Productions presents a black and white, action-packed werewolf horror short; WerehouseShot entirely on location in a warehouse near Chelmsford, we will be using mostly practical effects, with as few digital enhancements as possible.

Our aim is to bring you a feature film’s worth of action, drama, horror, and spectacle, all packed into 15 minutes of entertainment. We plan to shoot Werehouse in Chelmsford, Essex, UK sometime in late April (during a full moon!). We’ll be filming on the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K.

When a peaceful protest erupts into a full-blown riot, a trio of University Students who are caught in the middle seek refuge in a warehouse. Little do they realise that tonight is the one night of the month they really should’ve stayed out.

The hope is to have the film completed and ready for your viewing pleasure in September, and all rewards shipped by October ready for Halloween.

As well as this, the film will be available on Amazon Instant Video, with an expected air date of October 31st, 2018.

Amy Tyger (Legacy, Brawl), Harriet Rees (Cabin 28, Revenge of Robert the Doll), Derek Nelson (For Her, Werewolves of the Third Reich), and Oliver Roy star.

Head on over to the kickstarter campaign to support the Werehouse project now!

Werehouse Poster