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Canadian Slasher ‘Secret Santa’ Delivers The Goods



Canadian Slasher Secret Santa Delivers The Goods

Since its premier at the Toronto’s Blood in the Snow film festival last November, Canadian Slasher Secret Santa has been doing very well by winning best picture at International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival. The film has bagged itself an Official Selection at Alabama’s Legless Corpse Film Festival 2016, as well as at this year’s Shock Stock in London, Ontario.

Secret Santa is the feature debut of director Mike McMurran, who wrote the following synopsis:

Secret Santa is a feature length film that tells the story of a group of eccentric college kids, struggling to get through the hectic exam period. This Horror/Comedy is a tribute to B-Movie Slashers but also takes the conventions and turns them upside down. A liquor filled party is planned, adding a Secret Santa exchange for fun. Little do our characters know, a killer is in town and has a special present for all the good (and bad) girls and boys. Dare to open your present? It might be your last!


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We have added the trailer for you to check out, which is old-school horror with plenty of blood-filled kills! It’s nice to have another traditional Black Christmas style horror film coming from Canada, definitely one to look out for.



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