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‘Candyman’ Director Bernard Rose Wants To Make A “Proper Sequel” To The Original



Tony Todd Candyman

How many of you Candyman fans would like to see a fourth instalment in the series? Well, the rumours have been going around for years that another sequel or perhaps a reboot could be coming our way. Bernard Rose’s 1992 original film stars Tony Todd as our hook-wielding killer, who quickly became an icon in horror.

In a recent, in-dept interview with Art of the Title regarding Candyman, Rose answered some questions about returning to the series, and he expressed his love to make a direct sequel to the original 1992 film. Helen Lyle’s true fate was never explored with the later sequels.

Director Bernard Rose said:

“I would love to do the proper sequel. There are all sorts of reasons why it’s never happened. I think it would be great, but of course unfortunately I don’t control the rights, otherwise I would just do it.”

It was also mentioned that Rose would like Virginia Madsen to return as Helen for one more outing, and he seeks the help of the readers to “talk it up” and help to get it rolling.



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